Students that do not meet the academic progress requirements may submit a written appeal to request reinstatement of eligibility to receive aid. The student must complete the University of Miami’s Academic Progress Appeal Form. This petition requires the student to:

  1. Submit a written explanation as to why he/she was unable to meet or maintain the academic progress requirements; and
  2. Submit documentation that substantiates the student’s circumstances, such as a letter from a doctor or copies of medical bills if a student cites medical reasons for not meeting the requirements.

The appeal form may be downloaded from the financial assistance website.  Submit the Appeal Form and all documentation to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Committee, c/o the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment. All appeals must be submitted no later than 30 days from notice of ineligibility. All appeals submitted completely and on time will be reviewed by the committee prior to the beginning of each semester. Decisions are made using the appeal documentation provided by the student in conjunction with the student’s academic record. All decisions by the committee are final.

A general description of the major financial assistance programs available through various departments as well as the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment can be found at