The following are the Meal Plan rates for the 2016 - 2017 academic year. Meal Plan enrollment is for the full academic year but charged on a semester basis.  The number in front of the Meal Plan indicates how many meals per week.  The number in front of the  Block Meal Plans indicates how many meals per semester.

Plan Dining Dollars Per Semester Semester Cost Annual Cost
Unlimited Meal Plan$50 $3,195$6,390
19 Meal Plan$75$2,795$5,590
14 Meal Plan$150$2,595$5,190
8 Meal Plan$0$1,695$3,390

University Village and Commuter students are eligible to participate in the 100, 75, & 50 Block Meal Plans. These plans offer greater flexibility, a better value and may be purchased at any time during the academic year.  University Village and Commuter students can also select any of the meal plans from the above list.  Students enrolled in the 100, 75, & 50 Block Meal Plans will only be charged for the semester.  The +10 Block Refresh can only be purchased in addition to an existing Block Meal Plan that has low meals remaining.  For more information, visit our webpage.

Plan Semester Cost
100 Block Meal Plan$1,195
75 Block Meal Plan$895
50 Block Meal Plan$695
+10 Block Refresh$125