Located on the second floor of the University Center, the Camner Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers free academic assistance to all UM students. The ARC offers individual peer tutoring by appointment in most subjects, study skills instruction with a Learning Specialist, free academic workshops, and many other valuable services. Please visit www.umarc.miami.edu or call 305-284-2800 to learn more and/or schedule an appointment.

Peer Tutoring

At the ARC, all UM students can take advantage of free individual peer tutoring to develop a deeper understanding of course work through additional, special, or corrective content instruction. All tutoring is course specific and taught by nationally certified peer tutors. All UM students are eligible for two hours of tutoring per week for each course. Please email tutoring.arc@miami.edu for more information or to ask any questions.

Supplemental Instruction

Small group sessions are available to help students succeed in the University’s toughest courses. Group Peer Tutoring is done on a weekly basis where students sit down to discuss course content in a small group setting with the peer tutor serving as a facilitator.

Academic Workshops

This free workshop series instructs students on specific academic skills and strategies to enhance academic performance.  Workshop topics include effective test-taking strategies, improving study strategies, utilizing technology, and organization and time management skills. Topics are updated every semester, and students may attend unlimited sessions. Please visit our website www.umarc.miami.edu for the current workshop schedule.

Learning Specialists

The Camner Academic Resource Center provides the support of trained Learning Specialists to students experiencing difficulty with academic issues. Students may request a one-on-one meeting with a Learning Specialist to help develop the skills needed to achieve success in their academic careers. Skills covered during these appointments include time management, effective note-taking, college textbook reading, educational technologies, test taking, and other learning strategies. Students can request an appointment with a Learning Specialist through our website or by filling out a request form at the Camner Academic Resource Center. Visit the website at www.umarc.miami.edu for more information about the support services available to students. 

Independent Learning Initiative

The Independent Learning Initiative is a fee-based academic support program that provides structure, support, instruction, and monitoring for students needing additional guidance during the college experience. During the semester, students will identify and understand their academic strengths and areas for growth, as well as learn strategies, skills, and technologies to enhance their academic and personal success in college. Participants learn to monitor their academic progress and critically evaluate their current skills and strategies to work towards becoming a successful independent student. For more information about the program or to apply, please visit our website at www.umarc.miami.edu.

UMX 100: The University of Miami Experience

The University of Miami Experience (UMX 100) is a graded, comprehensive virtual self-paced course specifically designed to assist first year students in making a successful transition to the University of Miami.  Freshman and transfer students are automatically enrolled. UMX 100 provides an opportunity for students to utilize UM resources necessary for success in college and beyond. Specifically, students will be exposed to campus leadership opportunities, academic and career planning, university traditions, study abroad opportunities, personal wellness programs, as well as advising and registration through videos, power points, blogs, and more.  These resources and opportunities are only a click away.  Questions about UMX 100 can be directed to umx@miami.edu.

The course will open on the following dates each semester:

Fall SemesterAugust 1st
Spring SemesterJanuary 1st