The Dean of Students Office provides leadership that is consistent with the University’s mission and works closely with students and student organizations, contributing to their co-curricular education and serving as an advocate for their varied interests.  The Office works directly with academic, athletic, student affairs, and other administrators in the coordination of institutional efforts to address specific concerns, as well as to enhance the overall quality of the student experience. 

Each area with in the Dean of Students Office provides students with opportunities for student support, involvement, and leadership. For more information about each of these areas, click on the links below. 

The Dean of Students Office coordinates efforts in response to various student crises and employs an Assistant Dean who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. The entire staff is knowledgeable and prepared to assist all students in their adjustments to campus life.The administration and record keeping of all undergraduate student disciplinary infractions are also the responsibility of the Dean of Students Office.

To contact the Dean of Students Office visit Whitten University Center, Suite 2250 or call 305-284-5353.