The Ombudspersons and University Troubleshooters provide open channels of communication between students and the university by listening to student concerns, investigating the facts and attempting to resolve situations in the best possible way. Ultimately, the goal is to resolve matters and assist students in their success at the University. The Ombudspersons and University Troubleshooters do not bypass or circumvent those individuals who have responsibility for departments or classroom instruction. Nor will they eliminate certain structured grievance and appellate mechanisms already established by the University.  


An Ombudsperson interprets University policy for students and make recommendations to the central administration when policy changes are needed. The University of Miami has two Ombudspersons for students. The Academic Ombudsperson works most closely with issues with faculty, coursework, grade appeals, etc. The Administrative Ombudsperson works most closely with administrative issues such as financial registration, access concerns, and university polices and procedures. Ombudspersons connect students to faculty and administrators who will listen, answer questions, interpret policies/procedures and provide guidance on the appropriate steps to consider for a resolution. The Ombudspersons seek to resolve matters informally before they become matters in a formal grievance-appeal proceeding and works with students in establishing next steps to assist in their success at the University. However, if a formal grievance-appeal is most appropreate, they can provide guidance on the process.

University Troubleshooters

University Troubleshooters are faculty members and administrators who serve as a resource for students seeking assistance. They represent in a wide range of campus departments, who assist students with academic and administrative related matters. If a student has spoken to the appropriate University Troubleshooter and have not brought resolution to a student’s concern, students should contact the Ombudsperson. For a listing of University Troubleshooters, click on the following links: Academic Troubleshooters or Administrative Troubleshooters.

For more information, visit, call 305-284-4922, email or visit Ashe Building 244.