The Department’s Ph.D. program’s primary objective is to prepare a select group of highly qualified doctoral students for careers in academic teaching and research. The requirements include:

  • Complete a total of 66 degree credit hours (12 semester courses) to obtain the Ph.D. degree (i.e., 36 credit hours at the doctoral level beyond the MA degree).
  • Complete one seminar on quantitative methods and one seminar on qualitative methods in the social sciences.
  • Complete a sequence of two core seminars in two of the Program’s three major fields of study:
    • International Relations;
    • Comparative Politics; and
    • International and Comparative Political Economy.
  • Pass
    1. written MA exam in one of the Program’s three fields of study and
    2. written and oral examinations in two of the Program’s three fields of study.
  • Complete at least one of the basic core seminars in the third (non-examination) field.
  • Complete the Doctoral Workshop.
  • Successfully defend a dissertation proposal/prospectus.
  • Pass a foreign language examination.
  • Complete 12 dissertation credit hours.
  • Research, write and orally defend a dissertation that makes an original contribution to knowledge.

See the INS Graduate Student Handbook for a complete description of the requirements for the Ph.D. degree.