The Global Executive MBA program is aimed at senior executives who want to further their business acumen and enhance their understanding of conducting business globally. The format flexibility and length of the program will permit students to earn their MBA. The 17-month program blends face-to-face on-campus modules, which include executive presentations, case studies and group projects, with distance learning. It covers four focus areas (Global Strategy and Execution; Managing Global Operations and Decision Making; Global Multi-Cultural Leadership; and Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology) through eleven courses or modules, as well as an Integrated Project carried out in nine on-campus residencies and eight Inter-Residencies (distance-learning). The Global EMBA is lock-step in nature. Students will progress together through a sequential pattern of courses. The students will obtain their MBA after the successful completion of 45 credit hours over an 17 month period.

To obtain detailed program admission and curricula information please reference the program brochure which can be requested by contacting the Office of Recruiting and Admissions at 305-284-2510 or visit our website.

Curriculum Requirements 

Fall Semester
Residency 1 (One week)
BUS 650Introduction to the Miami EMBA for the Americas1
BUS 652Global Strategy2
BUS 656Integrated Business Project 12
Residency 2
BUS 653Global Institutions, Infrastructure, and Environment4
Residency 3
BUS 651Global Strategic Marketing4
Spring Semester
Residency 4
BUS 654Corporate Financing and Investing4
BUS 656Integrated Business Project2
Residency 5
BUS 657Optimizing Human Capital4
Residency 6
BUS 658Business Analytics4
Fall Semester
Residency 7
BUS 656Integrated Business Project2
BUS 663Entrepreneurship and Innovation4
Residency 8
BUS 661Enhancing Global Operations4
Residency 9 (One week)
BUS 662Decision Making in Global Environment4
BUS 660High Performance Leadership4
Total Credit Hours45

 1. Runs throughout the program.