The Miami Executive MBA for Artists and Athletes is an accredited track of our existing Executive MBA program which combines classroom courses and online distance learning to allow both active and retired NFL players, as well as other athletes and artists the ability to take courses while tending to their regular daily activities or business commitments. This is a very important population, many of whom are already executives familiar with branding, marketing, media, and public relations. The participants in this Program would have demonstrated working in collaborative environments. They also possess a highly disciplined work ethic and perseverance to succeed.

The EMBA for Artists and Athletes track builds on these daily features of life and provides a framework for participants to capitalize on their experiences and become successful managers and business leaders during and/or after their professional sports and entertainment days. These individuals have to learn to transition their playing skills into practical leadership and business skills. The Artists and Athletes track provides participants with the industry exposure and extensive network base, both key for elevating their careers and leveraging their personal brands. Similar to our other EMBA tracks, the EMBA for Artists & Athletes is lock-step in nature. Participants progress together through a sequential pattern of courses. They will obtain their MBA from UM after a successful completion of 42 credits over an 18 month period. The course curriculum is adapted from the EMBA and Professional MBA programs with some adaptations with a similar structure to our Global Executive MBA Program. The Artists and Athletes track consists of 6 residencies in an 18 month period (33 credits) and the online distance learning module (9 credits) for a total of 42 credits.

To obtain detailed program admission and curricula information please reference the program brochure which can be requested by contacting the Office of Recruiting and Admissions at 305-284-2510 or visit our website.

Spring Semester
Residency 1
BUS 601MBA Math Module0
BUS 602Critical Thinking and Effective Writing1
BUS 603Critical Thinking and Effective Speaking1
MGT 600Managing Responsible Behavior in Organizations3
Residency 2
ACC 607Financial Accounting and Reporting3
MKT 660Foundations of Marketing Management3
ACC 608Managerial Accounting3
Residency 3
BSL 696Legal and Ethical Implications in Executive Decision Making3
ECO 690Essentials of Economic Theory3
Online Prep0
Fall Semester
MAS 610Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decision Making3
MAS 641Operations Research Models in Management3
Spring Semester
Residency 4
FIN 602Fundamentals of Finance3
MGT 621High Performance Leadership2
Residency 5
MGT 625Entrepreneurship: Creating New Ventures2
MGT 653Operations Management3
Residency 6
FIN 645Real Estate Finance3
MGT 658Strategic Management3
Total Credit Hours42