Triple Degree Program: A Specialized Option for Business Majors

The University of Miami School of Law and the Miami Business School have created a triple degree program - a JD, an LLM in Tax or Real Property Development, and an MBA-  which can be completed in just four years and two summers.

This program offers a combination of legal and business degrees to students who were undergraduate business majors. These credentials are ideal for anyone with a long-term goal of servicing top corporate clients or becoming a senior executive at a bank, real estate company, or financial institution. They also serve as significant assets in today’s competitive marketplace to any attorney starting out in tax or real estate law.

To obtain detailed program admission, please reference the program brochure which can be requested by contacting the Office of Recruiting and Admissions at 305-284-2510 or visit our website.

Spring Semester-Term 1
BUS 602Critical Thinking and Effective Writing1
BUS 604Career Development and Enrichment0
FIN 641Valuation and Financial Decision Making2
MAS 632Management Science Models for Decision Making2
Spring Semester-Term 2
BSL 690Legal and Ethical Implications of Business Decision Making2
BUS 603Critical Thinking and Effective Speaking1
BTE 610Foundations of Management Information Systems2
FIN 642The Financial Environment2
MKT 641Marketing Research2
Fall Semester-Term 1
BUS 604Career Development and Enrichment1
MGT 645Principles of Supply Chain Management2
MKT 650Strategic Marketing2
Fall Semester-Term 2
MGT 677Corporate Strategy and Organization2
Total Credit Hours35