Master of Science in Management (Leadership)

The Master of Science in Management (Leadership) program, with a leadership specialization, shapes students into competent, versatile and dynamic leaders ready to navigate the complex workplace of the 21st century. The program helps participants develop the interpersonal skills they need to influence others and lead effectively in today’s challenging work environment. Not only does the program include coursework to provide students with a foundation of basic management skills, it includes a set of courses that focus on the skills needed to achieve performance at the highest levels possible.

To obtain detailed program admission information, please reference the program brochure which can be requested by contacting the Office of Recruiting and Admissions at 305-284-2510 or visit our website.

Curriculum Requirements 

Fall Semester-Term 1
MAS 631Statistics for Managerial Decision Making2
MGT 620Managing Through People2
MGT 622High Performance Teams2
Fall Semester-Term 2
ACC 670Financial Reporting and Analysis2
BUS 610Critical Thinking and Persuasion for Business2
MGT 621High Performance Leadership2
MGT 623Human Resource Systems2
Spring Semester-Term 1
FIN 641Valuation and Financial Decision Making2
MGT 616Foundations in Organizational Management Consulting2
MGT 624Negotiation Strategies2
MKT 640Foundations of Marketing Management2
Spring Semester-Term 2
MGT 617Leading Across Cultures2
MGT 618Leading Change in Organizations2
MGT 677Corporate Strategy and Organization2
MGT 699Directed Study (Individual Assessment & Coaching in Leadership Skills)2
Total Credit Hours30