Master in International Business Studies

The Master in International Business Studies (MIBS) program seeks to develop global leaders. To this end, it offers to a select group of globally-minded students from throughout the world with rich experiential learning opportunities in Miami and other locations worldwide. The program incorporates a rigorous academic curriculum focusing on best practices by both global startups and leading multinationals in addressing their emerging opportunities and challenges. Students are exposed to South Florida’s rich multicultural business community and the hundreds of international conferences that it hosts every year.  Students may focus their professional development efforts on developing both regional competencies and functional expertise of their choice.  MIBS program activities in and out of classrooms are designed to help its students bond, as well as expand their professional network with participants of other graduate business programs.

To obtain detailed program admission information, please reference the program brochure which can be requested by contacting the Office of Recruiting and Admissions at 305-284-2510 or visit our website.

Curriculum Requirements

Fall Semester-Term 1
BUS 604Career Development and Enrichment0
BUS 630Fundamentals Of Economics, Accounting And Finance4
BUS 698Selected Topics (Business & International Political Economy-Outset of the 21st Century)2
MGT 691International Management2
Fall Semester-Term 2
BSL 692Legal Implications of International Business Transactions2
BUS 632Introduction To Strategy, Market And Management4
FIN 660International Finance2
Spring Semester-Term 1
BUS 604Career Development and Enrichment1
BUS 624Asian/Pacific Business Environment- International Trip2
or BUS 625 Latin America Business Environment - International Trip
BUS 631Business Analytics And Operational Excellence4
BUS 698Selected Topics (International Business Practicum)4
or BUS 622 Global Business Project (GBP) - CIBER
MKT 645International Marketing2
Spring Semester-Term 2
BUS 633Business Plan Fundamentals And Communications4
MGT 617Leading Across Cultures2
Total Credit Hours35