The Counseling Psychology Program has been fully accredited by The American Psychological Association since 1989 and has a proud tradition of preparing students as scholars, clinicians. The program is firmly committed to the foundational values of the discipline of counseling psychology, including its emphasis on prevention, optimal human development, and the promotion of individual, family, and community well-being. The program strives to prepare students who will make a difference in the world through research, scholarship, and reflective practice. The mission of the program is to nurture the development of counseling psychology graduate students and faculty as reflective researchers and scientist-practitioners committed to promoting psychological well-being in a multicultural complex world.

Curriculum Requirements

Prerequisite Counseling Courses
EPS 667Professional, Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling3
EPS 675Therapeutic Group Procedures3
EPS 676Counseling Process and Practice3
EPS 679Lifespan Human Development3
EPS 683Practicum Laboratory I2
EPS 700Quantitative Methods I3
EPS 705Measurement and Psychometric Theory3
Counseling Psychology Specialty Courses
EPS 767Counseling Psychology: Theory, Research and Practice I3
EPS 768Counseling Psychology: Theory, Research and Practice II3
EPS 770Psychological Appraisal I3
EPS 771Psychological Appraisal II3
EPS 775Doctoral Practicum I2
EPS 776Doctoral Practicum II2-3
EPS 779Vocational Psychology and Career Development3
EPS 780Cultural Diversity and Mental Health3
EPS 782Supervision in Counseling Psychology3
EPS 785Preparing Future Faculty Seminar1-3
EPS 803Internship in Counseling Psychology2
Basic Content in Scientific Psychology
PSY 604Cognition and Emotion3
PSY 605Cognitive Neuroscience3
PSY 640Adult Psychopathology3
EPS 781The Social Bases of Human Activity and Flourishing3
Research Competencies
EPS 701Introduction to Research Methods3
EPS 702Quantitative Methods II3
EPS 703Applied Multivariate Statistics3
EPS-600, 700 or 800 level course 13
EPS-600, 700 or 800 level course 13
Pre-Candidacy Dissertation Research
Post-Candidacy Dissertation Research
Total Credit Hours87-90