College and universities are complex institutions that constantly need skilled administrators who understand all aspects of the ever-shifting higher education environment. 

The certificate in enrollment management is a 12-credit minimum program that is designed for working professionals who already have master’s degrees and seek career-enhancing skills and credentials.

The Certificate can be integrated into the Master’s Program in Higher Education Administration (for a total of 39 credits). It can be completed in addition to or after completion of a Master’s Program in Higher Education Administration, or a related field.

Curriculum Requirements

Core Courses6
Enrollment Management: Theory and Practice (3-credit hours)
Advanced Seminar in Enrollment Management (3-credit hours)
Select a minimum of 6 credit hours of the following Electives that are divided into three "academic areas" or as otherwise approved by an advisor:
Organization and Administration of Higher Education I (3-credit hours)
The Community College (3-credit hours)
Administration of Student Affairs (3-credit hours)
Higher Education in the United States: From Harvard to Present (3-credit hours)
Student Diversity in American Higher Education (3-credit hours)
Organization of Higher Education II: Governance, Leadership and Finance (3-credit hours)
College Student Development: Theory, Research and Practice (3-credit hours)
Critical Issues in Student Affairs (3-credit hours)
Seminar in Higher Education Administration: Contemporary Issues (3-credit hours)
Essentials of Economic Theory (3-credit hours)
Leading Teams (3-credit hours)
Foundations of Marketing Management (3-credit hours)
Budget and Financial Management and Administration (3-credit hours)
Essentials of Research in Social and Behavioral Sciences (3-credit hours)
Program Evaluation (3-credit hours)
Quantitative Methods I (3-credit hours)
Qualitative Methods I (3-credit hours)
Survey Research Methods (3-credit hours)
MKT XXX: 3-credit hours
Total Credit Hours12