The Specialist in Education (Ed. S.) degree program with a concentration in Early Childhood Special Education includes coursework and practicum experiences that could lead to endorsement in Pre-Kindergarten Disabilities. Please contact the Florida Department of Education’s Bureau of Educator Certificate for any questions regarding endorsement.

In addition to the required 30 credits listed below, students in this program (a) may be assigned advanced level assignments within courses; (b) may be required to complete additional graduate level coursework; (c) will be required to increase the level of implementation of the capstone project; and ( d) will be required to write a publishable paper based on the advocacy project and submit it a practitioner special education journal.

Curriculum Requirements

Core Courses
TAL 640Typical and Atypical Child Development3
TAL 641Working with Families of Young Children with Disabilities: Strategies and Medical Issues3
TAL 642Evaluation and Assessment in Infant and Early Childhood Special3
TAL 643Intervention Strategies in Infant and Early Childhood Special Education3
TAL 644Early Childhood Curriculum Development3
TAL 645Methods for Communications and Language in Young Children with Disabilities3
TAL 646Working with Children who Exhibit Challenging Behaviors3
TAL 648Practicum/Internship with Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities3
TAL 649Practicum/Internship with Children with Disabilities (3-5 yrs.)3
TAL 650Early Reading Instruction and Literature for Young Children3
Total Credit Hours30