Weather Forecasting  (WFC)

The MPS in Weather Forcasting is designed for students who have an undergraduate degree in meteorology and seek graduate level training and experience in applied weather forecasting.

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
FallCredit Hours
ATM 651 Introduction to Atmospheric Science 3
ATM 662 Advanced Weather Forecasting 3
MES 660
MES 661
Introduction to Marine Geographic Information Systems
and Introduction to Marine Geographic Information Systems - Laboratory ( Can be taken in the Fall or Spring)
ATM 220 Climate and Global Change 3
 Credit Hours12
ATM 765 General Circulation of the Atmosphere ( or ELECTIVE) 3
ATM 661 Tropical Atmosphere and Ocean 3
RSM 620 Climate and Society ( or ELECTIVE) 3
 Credit Hours12
ATM 805 MPS Internship 6
 Credit Hours6
 Total Credit Hours30

Elective Options

Students may take any elective on the RSMAS campus with the consent of their faculty advisor. Below are a few examples of courses past students in this program used as electives.

ATM 731Air-Sea Interaction3
ATM 532Broadcast Meteorology3
RSM 670Carbon and Climate3
ATM 762Computer Models in Fluid Dynamics3
ATM 636Hurricanes3
ATM 624Applied Data Analysis3
ATM 553Climate Change3
ATM 663Mesoscale Meteorology and Severe Storms3
ATM 611Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I3
ATM 633Atmospheric Boundary Layer3
OCE 602Oceanography II (Physical)2
ATM 660Tropospheric Chemistry I3