Marine Mammal Science (MMS)

Students in this program will prepare for employment in marine mammal management (including associated ecosystems), population assessments, acoustics, and care. Please see our track web site for more information about this program.

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
FallCredit Hours
MBE 604 Biology of Marine Mammals 3
RSM 612 or MES 608 Statistics for Environmental Management
or Biometrics in Marine Science
MES 670 Conservation and Management of Marine Mammals 3
MES 660
MES 661
Introduction to Marine Geographic Information Systems
and Introduction to Marine Geographic Information Systems - Laboratory
 Credit Hours12
MBE 605 Marine Mammal Disease and Medicine 3
MES 645 or 646 Marine Population Assessment Surveys and Analysis
or Marine Population Biology Processes and Modeling
OCE 651 Applied Ocean Acoustics and Marine Mammals (Applied Marine Mammal Acoustics) 3
MBE 632 Marine Mammal Research Techniques ( (or ELECTIVE)) 3
 Credit Hours12
MBE 805 MPS Internship 6
MBE 507 Marine Mammal Applied Behavior Analysis and Managed Care (MBE 607 is graduate level) 3
 Credit Hours9
 Total Credit Hours33

Elective Options  

Students may take any elective on the RSMAS campus with the consent of their faculty advisor. Below are a few examples of courses past students in this program used as electives.

MBE 716Bayesian Statistics for Marine Scientists3
MES 720Coastal Law and Policy3
MES 620Environmental Law3
MBE 678Evolutionary Genetics3
POL 631Global Environment Politics3
MES 710International Ocean Law and Governance3
MES 616Ocean Policy and Development and Analysis3
RSM 710The Physical Environment of Marine Organisms3
MES 601Political Ecology of Marine Management3