Coastal Zone Management  (CZM)

Students will be introduced to the legal and governance frameworks on topics such as coastal fisheries management, marine protected areas, port management, tourism development, environmental impact assessment, and oil exploration.

Courses for this program are selected on a case by case basis during academic advisement.30
Potential Courses
Political Ecology of Marine Management
Economics of Natural Resources
Fieldwork in Coastal Management: Tourism, Conservation, and Development
Advanced Fieldwork in Coastal Cultures
Environmental Planning and the Environmental Impact Statement
Aquaculture I
Aquaculture II Lab
Aquaculture III
Coastal Zone Management
Environmental Law
Fisheries Socioeconomics and Management
Submerged Cultural Resource Management
Port Operations and Policy
Introduction to Marine Geographic Information Systems
and Introduction to Marine Geographic Information Systems - Laboratory
Spatial Analysis: Intermediate Course in Marine GIS
Marine Conservation Biology
Ocean Policy and Development and Analysis
Legal Environment and Business Planning in Aquaculture
Citizen and Participatory Science
Conservation and Management of Marine Mammals
Biometrics in Marine Science
Marine Conservation Outreach
Management and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems
International Ocean Law and Governance
Tropical Marine Ecology
Reef Coral Biology, Ecology, and Conservation
Field Techniques and Instrumentation in Tropical Marine Ecology
Statistics for Environmental Management
Motorboat Operator Certificate Course
Research Diving Techniques
Climate and Society
MPS Internship (* Required)
Total Credit Hours30