Underwater Archaeology (UA)

The MPS Underwater Archaeology, focusing on the management of underwater cultural heritage (MUCH), is primarily technical, and will introduce participants to the legal and governance frameworks in this increasingly important discipline. Coursework will integrate topics such as legal aspects of submerged cultural resource management, marine protected areas, environmental impact assessment, and remote sensing surveys. While not a requirement, the opportunity to become an AAUS Science Diver is also available. Students will also have opportunities to engage in internships with private, public or non-governmental agencies (NGO’s) and conduct relevant fieldwork.

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
FallCredit Hours
MES 632 Theory and Method in Underwater and Maritime Archaeology 3
MES 626 Submerged Cultural Resource Management 3
RSM 600 Research Diving Techniques 3
MES 680 Special Topics (Theory and Method of Underwater and Maritime Archaeology) 3
 Credit Hours12
MES 614 Underwater Archaeology Field Techniques 3
MES 615 Marine Archaeological Survey and Technology 3
MES 660
MES 661
Introduction to Marine Geographic Information Systems
and Introduction to Marine Geographic Information Systems - Laboratory
MES 672 The Archaeology of Seafaring 3
 Credit Hours12
MES 805 MPS Internship 6
 Credit Hours6
 Total Credit Hours30

Elective Options 

Students may take any elective on the RSMAS campus with the consent of their faculty advisor. Below are a few examples of courses past students in this program used as electives.

MES 606Advanced Fieldwork in Coastal Cultures3
MBE 716Bayesian Statistics For Marine Scientists3
MES 720Coastal Law and Policy3
MES 610Environmental Planning and the Environmental Impact Statement3
MES 710International Ocean Law And Governance3
RSM 645Scientific Communication3