Program Requirements

The applicable requirements will be those in effect during that academic year when the student first registered in the Program, unless stated otherwise in Handbook or by the Program Director. 

All RSMAS courses are listed on the GSO website. All courses taken by students should be approved by their advisors. Students are recommended to consult with their advisors and the MPO Program Director regarding their choices of courses. Deviations from the requirements must be approved by the advisor and the MPO Academic Committee.

The MPO Ph.D. degree requires 60 total credits. 1
Core Courses15
All MPO Ph.D. students are required to take the following courses:
Physical Oceanography
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I
Introduction to Atmospheric Science
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics II
Large Scale Ocean Circulation: Models and Observations
General Circulation of the Atmosphere
Electives 215
Dissertation Research30
Doctoral Dissertation
Required Examinations
Comprehensive Examination 3
Qualifying Examination 4
Additional Requirements
Research Ethics
MPO Seminar 5
Educational Training Program (TA) 6
Educational Training 1
Educational Training 2
Educational Training 3
Total Credit Hours60