Candidates must possess and demonstrate an unquestioned gift of musical leadership based upon broad experience with instrumental ensembles. Advanced orchestration must be included in the program. Admission requirements include a baccalaureate degree in conducting or performance, accumulated practical experience with instrumental ensembles, and experience equivalent to an undergraduate requirement in orchestration. Enrollment in this major is only by special permission.

Major Area
Applied Conducting Lessons8
Instrumental Ensembles4
MIP 812Master's Recital1
Select one of the following to match the culminating project:1
MM Recital Program Notes Preparation
Recital Paper Preparation
Select one of the following as a culminating project:2
Master's Recital Paper
Masters Advanced Recital
Other Studies in Music
MCY 628Music Bibliography3
MTC 717Analytical Techniques3
Musicology or Approved Elective3
Music Education /Pedagogy or Approved Elective3
Approved Electives3
Total Credit Hours31