Curriculum Requirements 

Major Area
Applied Lessons8
Instrumental Ensembles7
MCY Elective3
MTC Elective3
MIP 812Master's Recital1
Artist Development3
Choose one course from the following:
MMI 735 World of the Working Musician
MUS 735 Media Creation
MUS 745 Peak Performance
MED 755 The Teaching Artist
Electives, chosen in consultation with advisor11
Comprehensive Masters Jury
Total Credit Hours36

Ensemble Policy: Students must be enrolled in at least one advisor-approved ensemble for each semester in residence.

Recital Policy: Students must give one, full-length recital (MIP 812 Masters Recital). Students who wish to give a second, optional recital may enroll in MIP 813 Masters Second Recital, with advisor approval, under "Electives."