Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Music degree program in Music Therapy at the Frost School of Music is to prepare students to develop:

  • advanced and comprehensive musicianship
  • independent research skill
  • advanced level clinical knowledge and skill for the music therapy profession.

The preparation of students' academic, professional, and interpersonal therapeutic abilities will satisfy the required standards of practice of an advanced level practitioner as approved by the American Music Therapy Association. The Frost program seeks to recruit and retain highly qualified students to study and gain advanced level clinical skill for music therapy practice and employment, and to prepare them for further graduate study.

Curriculum Requirements

Major Area
MED 729Advanced Music Therapy Practice I3
MED 730Advanced Music Therapy Practice II3
MED 759Music Therapy Graduate Practicum 32
MED 710Graduate Forum in Music Therapy0
Comprehensive Exam
Final Project (Thesis or Clinical Track)
MED 810Master's Thesis3
or MED 805 Master's Project
Other Studies in Music
Approved Graduate Level Courses in Music10
Supportive Studies
MED 651Music Therapy Research Methods3
Approved Neuroscience Elective3
Select one of the following:3
Approved Research Elective (if on Thesis Track)
Approved Clinical Elective (if on Clinical Track)
Total Credit Hours30