Mission Statement

The Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management (AP LIVE) masters degree program makes possible specialized, comprehensive and experiential learning in the multifaceted field of live arts presentations. Keen attention to leadership, project management, operations, personnel, finances and for-profit and non-profit arts business models serves as the foundation of the curricular learning, research and activity. With greater-Miami and arts connection to professional across the U.S. and beyond, students graduating from the University Miami and the Frost School of Music are fully prepared to enter the workforce as dynamic professionals poised to step in successfully to wide-varieties of arts settings around the world.

The program has three primary objectives:

  • Each student is fully engaged in the entirety of Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management subject matter, with exposure to all of the professional-level issues of the field.  To that end, courses are designed with syllabi that ensures a sequence of learning filled with each of the best-practice topics and tactics necessary for gaining professional level skills and wherewithal.

  • Each student is engaged in research designed to capture far-reaching information formed from intense study and field experiences. Such research will result in (at least) two formal papers and presentations that exemplify exceptional effort and provide lasting value for the learner. Such research includes, but is not limited to creating and managing projects of various sizes, business models and implementation strategies, industry-related statistical analysis such as environmental scans, demographics and so forth, as well as the exploration of arts-based subjects that go to the heart of the arts presenting reason d’etre.

  • Each student is introduced to professionals in the field—across the U.S. and beyond—such that they have developed a meaningful and useful network of mentors and contacts offering insights into arts presenting management issues, best practices and opportunities for further learning. The network of contacts is compelled into existence by way of course-work throughout the degree program that relies upon expert input as part of the assignments objectives, as well as professionals introduced by faculty.

Curriculum Requirements

Major Area
MMI 641Tour Management and Production3
MMI 643Marketing in the Arts and Entertainment3
MMI 726Performing Arts Center and Facility Management3
MMI 736Sponsorship, Development, and Financial Management in the Live Entertainment Industry3
MMI 738Legal Aspects of the Live Entertainment Industry3
MMI 740Arts Presenting Project3
MMI 774Music Copyright Law3
Select 6 credit hours of approved Graduate Course Electives6
Final Project
Choose from:3
Internship in Arts Presenting
MMI Elective
Exit Exam
Total Credit Hours30