Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Music degree in Digital Arts and Sound Design is:

  • To provide the highest quality and most current educational and creative environment for work relating to the creation and understanding of digital music;
  • To foster advancement in composition, research, and performance of digital music;
  • To provide students with advanced work in the field of digital music composition and sound design and thus enabling a career in scholarly or professional pursuit of music;
  • To substantially contribute to the Frost School of Music's role as a regional, national, and international nexus for the creation and understanding of music.

The program objectives are:

  • To provide students the opportunity to develop advanced compositional skills in the digital arts;
  • To prepare students to meet the needs and challenges of the musician of the 21st century;
  • To provide students with the ability to complete independent and original work;
  • To introduce the student to the community, institutions, and associations that support the music community;
  • To give the students chances to enlarge their own experience and knowledge of music as performers, composers, or listeners, enlarging and enhancing their musical interests and abilities.

Curriculum Requirements

Major Area
MTC 607Studio Licensing2
MTC 705Digital Art And Sound Design2
MTC 767Advanced Electronic and Computer Music Seminar6
Digital Arts Courses6
MTC 810Master's Thesis6
Other Studies in Music
Ensemble appropriate for Music Technology (based on approval of Department Chair)4
MMI 610Computational Psychoacoustics3
Approved Elective in MTC3
Graduate Level Electives at the 700 level3
Total Credit Hours35