FIN 302. Fundamentals of Finance. 3 Credit Hours.

Introduction to the basic tools and concepts in finance. This is the core class in finance for our undergraduate program. Topics include the financial framewo rk of a business entity, taxes, the time value of money, capital market theory, financial risk measures, and capital budgeting. Note: to be elegible to major in finance, a student must earn a grade of B or higher in this class ( a grade of B- does not qualify).
Prerequisites: ECO 211, ACC 211, MAS 201 or MAS 311 or MTH 224 or IEN 311 or IEN 310 or PSY 204 or PSY 290 or PSY 292.
Components: LEC.
Grading: GRD.
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, & Summer.


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Minor in Finance

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