MBEĀ 618. Reef Coral Biology, Ecology, and Conservation. 3 Credit Hours.

.Scleractinian (stony) corals are the principal builders of contemporary coral reefs andtheir unique biology underpins the ecological success of reef ecosystems in the world's shallow tropical seas. This class covers the physiology and ecology of these critical organisms, the environmental factors governing their health, and their biotic interactions with other species. Examples of topics covered include algal symbiosis, calcification, reproduction, taxonomy, microbial ecology, competition with macroalgae, and herbivory, with insights at all levels from molecules to ecosystems. A special focus is on the decline of coral reefs due to anthropogenic stressors including climate change and coral bleaching, diseases, nutrient pollution, overfishing, and ocean acidification.
Components: LEC.
Grading: GRD.
Typically Offered: Spring.