MESĀ 664. Citizen & Participatory Science. 3 Credit Hours.

The Citizen and Participatory Science course will focus on preparing students for designing and implementing citizen and participatory science projects aimed at addressing questions and problems around specific environmental issues. As social networks grow, open data comes online and mobile technologies proliferate and advance, the opportunity to tap into eager and interested citizens to collect data for research and documentation purposes is quickly rising. This program will look at history of citizen science, which is over 100 years old, and will analyze current and past projects. Students will be exposed to how citizen science projects are designed and implemented and how they can be best leveraged to gain useful data for research. Guests lecturers will be invited for virtual and in-person presentations. A key component of the course will be for students to design a citizen science project using best practices. These projects can provide the baseline for launching real projects with organizations interested in applying citizen science to their work. The course will look at both technology driven projects as well as low-tech projects to expose students to the range of work being done in this rapidly evolving area.
Components: LEC.
Grading: GRD.
Typically Offered: Fall.