RSM 667. Motorboat Operator Certificate Course. 1-2 Credit Hours.

The MOCC course was developed and formalized by the United States Department of the Interior in the early 1990’s. The course is designed to give students broad academic knowledge and practical training running small boats (Boats 26’ in length or shorter). In addition to the relevant theory, students will get hands on training trailering small boats, launching and loading at boat ramps, slow and high speed maneuvering, Marline Spike (knot trying), as well as in water emergency training and the use of flares and pyrotechnics. The MOCC certification is the training standard for occupational small boating and used by government organizations, public and private research organizations, public aquaria, etc. The certification is a marketable skill for students moving ahead in their careers in marine science.
Components: LEC.
Grading: GRD.
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, & Summer.