Select three of the following:9
Introduction to Linear Algebra
Calculus III
Multivariable Calculus
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
Discrete Mathematics I
Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
Introduction to Numerical Analysis
Mathematical Models in Biology and Medicine
Advanced Calculus
Survey Of Modern Algebra
Total Credit Hours9

A student seeking a minor in mathematics must have credit in a calculus sequenceMTH 161-MTH 162 or MTH 171-MTH 172.


All three courses must be taken in the Department of Mathematics, University of Miami.


It is possible to select certain 500 level mathematics courses among the three, with prior approval of the Mathematics Department.


A grade of C- or better is required for each of these three courses and the quality point average for the three courses must be 2.5 or above; and in case the quality point average is below 2.5, an additional mathematics course must be taken.