First Language Any Level12
Additional Language6
Additonal Language 300-level or above6
Total Credit Hours24

 For example, ARB 101ARB 102ARB 201 and ARB 202 along with SPA 202SPA 203SPA 301 and SPA 322 would constitute a Minor in Modern Languages; so would FRE 202FRE 203FRE 301 and FRE 330 along with JPN 101JPN 102JPN 201 and JPN 202. Many other combinations are possible. 


This minor must include 6 graded credit hours per language from the University of Miami. 


Students must earn a grade of C- or higher in every course counting toward the minor, and maintain a minimum overall average of 2.5 in the minor.


 All courses toward the minor in Modern Languages must be taught in the two target languages.