Curriculum Requirements

Required Courses
THA 111Acting I-A2
THA 112Acting I-B (Script Analysis)2
THA 113Movement I-A2
THA 114Movement I-B2
THA 116Dance I-A2
THA 117Dance I-B2
THA 120Freshman Studio I1-2
THA 121Freshman Studio II1-2
THA 141Introduction to Scenic, Costume, and Light Design in Theatre and Film2
THA 142Introduction to Theatre Technology2
THA 143Backstage Crew Lab1
THA 144Production Crew Lab1
THA 198Voice and Speech I-A2
THA 199Voice and Speech I-B2
THA 211Acting II-A2
THA 212Acting II-B2
THA 294Singing for Actors II-A2
THA 298Voice and Speech II-A1
THA 299Voice and Speech II-B2
THA 311Acting III-A2
THA 312Acting III-B2
THA 313Movement II-A1
THA 314Movement II-B1
THA 315Auditioning I2
THA 356Improvisational Acting3
THA 364The Theatre Industry3
THA 381Play Analysis I3
THA 382Play Analysis II3
THA 398Voice and Speech III-A1
THA 399Voice and Speech III-B1
THA 411Acting IV-A2
THA 412Acting IV-B2
THA 413Movement III-A3
THA 414Movement III-B3
THA 416Auditioning-II2
THA 420Senior Studio3
THA 455Acting for the Camera3
THA 461Play Direction I3
THA 481Theatre History I3
THA 482Theatre History II3
Elective Courses
Select six Elective Courses:14-18
Dance I-A (and/or Another approved dance class) 1
Other approved singing class
Intermediate Acting I 1
Intermediate Acting II 1
Singing for the Musical Theater 1
Musical Theatre Styles I
Musical Theatre Styles II
Acting for the Camera
Play Direction II 1
Theatrical Unions
Introduction to Playwriting 1
Principles of Stage Management
OR Other approved courses
Additional Requirements
ENG 105English Composition I3
ENG 106English Composition II3
UMX 100The University of Miami Experience0
MTH Requirement3
People and Society Cognate9
STEM Cognate9
Total Credit Hours123-129

Suggested Plan of Study 

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
First SemesterCredit Hours
THA 111 Acting I-A 2
THA 113 Movement I-A 2
THA 116 Dance I-A 2
THA 120 Freshman Studio I 2
THA 141 Introduction to Scenic, Costume, and Light Design in Theatre and Film 2
THA 143 Backstage Crew Lab 1
THA 198 Voice and Speech I-A 2
THA 294 Singing for Actors II-A 2
ENG 105 English Composition I 3
 Credit Hours18
Second Semester
THA 112 Acting I-B (Script Analysis) 2
THA 114 Movement I-B 2
THA 117 Dance I-B 2
THA 121 Freshman Studio II 2
THA 142 Introduction to Theatre Technology 2
THA 144 Production Crew Lab 1
THA 199 Voice and Speech I-B 2
ENG 106 English Composition II 3
 Credit Hours16
Sophomore Year
First Semester
THA 211 Acting II-A 2
THA 298 Voice and Speech II-A 1
THA 381 Play Analysis I 3
Theatre Elective 2-3
People and Society COGNATE 3
MTH Math requirement 3
 Credit Hours14-15
Second Semester
THA 212 Acting II-B 2
THA 299 Voice and Speech II-B 2
THA 382 Play Analysis II 3
THA 356 Improvisational Acting 3
Theatre Elective 2-3
People and Society COGNATE 3
 Credit Hours15-16
Junior Year
First Semester
THA 311 Acting III-A 2
THA 313 Movement II-A 1
THA 398 Voice and Speech III-A 1
THA 481 Theatre History I 3
Theatre Elective 2-3
STEM Cognate 3
People and Society COGNATE 3
 Credit Hours15-16
Second Semester
THA 312 Acting III-B 2
THA 314 Movement II-B 1
THA 399 Voice and Speech III-B 1
THA 315 Auditioning I 2
THA 482 Theatre History II 3
Theatre Elective 2-3
STEM Cognate 3
 Credit Hours14-15
Senior Year
First Semester
THA 364 The Theatre Industry 3
THA 411 Acting IV-A 2
THA 413 Movement III-A 3
THA 416 Auditioning-II 2
THA 455 Acting for the Camera 3
THA 461 Play Direction I 3
STEM Cognate 3
 Credit Hours19
Second Semester
THA 412 Acting IV-B 2
THA 414 Movement III-B 3
THA 420 Senior Studio 3
Theatre Elective 2-3
Theatre Elective 2-3
 Credit Hours12-14
 Total Credit Hours123-129