• Juniors from any of the four BME Concentrations who have maintained at least a 3.0 CGPA have the option to apply for admission to the combined BS-MS in Biomedical Engineering program.
  • Those who are accepted into this accelerated program must maintain at least a 3.0 CGPA and a minimum of a 3.0 GPA for the final 30 credit hours to meet the requirements of the Graduate School.
  • The participants are excused from BME 402/BME 403, but are required to complete BME 705/BME 706.
  • Up to 12 credit hours of Technical electives earned during the fourth year can be counted toward the 30 credit hours required for the MS degree.
  • Students must be registered for a minimum of 12 undergraduate credit hours per semester in their senior year.
  • Students can register for a maximum of 6 graduate credit hours per semester in their senior year.
  • A typical curriculum of the BS/MS is shown below for the Premed Concentration.
  • If a student needs to withdraw from the BS/MS BME program then all the requirements for the specific BS BME Concentration must be completed for graduation with the BS BME degree.

Curriculum Requirements

Engineering Courses
BME 111Introduction to Engineering I3
BME 112Introduction to Biomedical Engineering2
BME 211Introduction to Programming for Biomedical Engineers3
BME 265Medical Systems Physiology3
BME 266Human Physiology Laboratory1
BME 303 - Cell Engineering Lab1
BME 312Biomedical Statistics and Data Analysis3
BME 330Foundations of Medical Imaging3
BME 335Biomaterials3
BME 375Fundamentals of Biomechanics3
BME 401Biomedical Design3
BME 440Biomedical Measurements4.00
BME 450Biomedical Transport Phenomena3
BME 470Biomedical Signal Analysis3
BME 480Biomedical Instrumentation3
BME 512Regulatory Control of Biomedical Devices3
BME 705Master's Design Project I3
BME 706Master's Design Project II3
ECE 201Electrical Circuit Theory3
Advanced Bioscience Elective6
Technical Elective9
Technical Elective Lab1
Technical or Science Lab Elective1
Graduate Technical Elective6
Technical Elective 600 Level3
Technical Elective 700 Level3
Math and Science Courses
MTH 151Calculus I for Engineers5
MTH 162Calculus II4
MTH 211Calculus III3
MTH 311Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations3
BIL 150General Biology4
BIL 151General Biology Laboratory1
BIL 160Evolution and Biodiversity4
BIL 161Evolution and Biodiversity Laboratory1
CHM 111Principles of Chemistry I3
CHM 112Principles of Chemistry II3
CHM 113Chemistry Laboratory I1
CHM 114Chemistry Laboratory II1
CHM 201Organic Chemistry I (Lecture)3
CHM 205Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1
PHY 205University Physics I3
PHY 206University Physics II3
PHY 207University Physics III3
PHY 208University Physics II Lab1
PHY 209University Physics III Lab1
Additional Requirements
ENG 105English Composition I3
ENG 107English Composition II: Science and Technology3
Arts and Humanities Cognate9
People and Society Cognate9
Total Credit Hours154

Suggested Plan of Study - Premed Concentration

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
FallCredit Hours
BME 111 Introduction to Engineering I 3
ENG 105 English Composition I 3
MTH 151 Calculus I for Engineers 5
PHY 205 University Physics I 3
PS/HA Cognate 1 3
 Credit Hours17
BME 112 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering 2
CHM 111 Principles of Chemistry I 3
CHM 113 Chemistry Laboratory I 1
ENG 107 English Composition II: Science and Technology 3
MTH 162 Calculus II 4
PHY 206 University Physics II 3
PHY 208 University Physics II Lab 1
 Credit Hours17
Sophomore Year
BIL 150 General Biology 4
BIL 151 General Biology Laboratory 1
BME 211 Introduction to Programming for Biomedical Engineers 3
CHM 112 Principles of Chemistry II 3
CHM 114 Chemistry Laboratory II 1
ECE 201 Electrical Circuit Theory 3
MTH 311 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations 3
 Credit Hours18
BIL 160 Evolution and Biodiversity 4
BIL 161 Evolution and Biodiversity Laboratory 1
BME 265 Medical Systems Physiology 3
BME 266 Human Physiology Laboratory (Human Physiology Lab) 1
BME 211 Introduction to Programming for Biomedical Engineers 3
CHM 201 Organic Chemistry I (Lecture) 3
PHY 207 University Physics III 3
PHY 209 University Physics III Lab 1
 Credit Hours19
Junior Year
Advanced Bioscience Elective 2† 3
BME 303 - Cell Engineering Lab 1
BME 330 Foundations of Medical Imaging 3
BME 335 Biomaterials 3
BME 401 Biomedical Design 3
CHM 205 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I 1
PS/HA Cognate 1 3
 Credit Hours17
BME 312 Biomedical Statistics and Data Analysis 3
BME 330 Foundations of Medical Imaging 3
BME 375 Fundamentals of Biomechanics 3
BME 440 Biomedical Measurements 4.00
PS/HA Cognate 1 3
 Credit Hours16
Senior Year
BME 450 Biomedical Transport Phenomena 3
BME 470 Biomedical Signal Analysis 3
BME 512 Regulatory Control of Biomedical Devices 3
Technical Elective Lab 4 1
Technical or Science Lab Elective 3 1
Undergraduate Elective 6 0-3
PS/HA Cognate 1 3
Technical Elective (Graduate) 5 3
 Credit Hours17-20
Advanced Bioscience Elective 2 3
BME 480 Biomedical Instrumentation 3
PS/HA Cognate 1 3
PS/HA Cognate 1 3
BME 705 Master's Design Project I 3
Technical Elective (Graduate) 5 3
Undergraduate Elective 6 0-3
 Credit Hours18-21
Fifth Year (Graduate)
BME 706 Master's Design Project II 3
Technical Elective 5 3
Technical Elective (600 level) 5 3
 Credit Hours9
Technical Elective 5 3
Technical Elective 5 3
Technical Elective (700 level) 5 3
 Credit Hours9
 Total Credit Hours157-163