Our Department offers a pre-medical option that allows motivated students to obtain the rigorous education of a bachelors degree in computer engineering while simultaneously completing the basic science requirements necessary for applying to medical or dental school. Much of the excitement in engineering involves applications of electrical and computer engineering to problems in health, such as the development of nano-scale biosensors, or the signal processing analysis of DNA sequences or the development and/or use of new hardware and software tools to better serve both medical professionals and patients. With the rapid advancement and application of technology in the medical field, the pre-med option ensures that students learn and understand the fundamentals of Electrical and Computer Engineering while preparing them for entry into either medical school, advanced graduate study, or industry.

Curriculum Requirements

ECE 111Introduction to Engineering I3
ECE 112Introduction to Engineering II2
ECE 118Introduction to Programming3
ECE 201Electrical Circuit Theory3
ECE 202Electronics I3
ECE 203Electrical Circuits Laboratory1
ECE 211Logic Design3
ECE 212Processors: Hardware, Software, and Interfacing3
ECE 218Data Structures3
ECE 315Digital Design Laboratory1
ECE 316Structured Digital Design1
ECE 318Algorithms3
ECE 322Systems Programming3
ECE 414Computer Organization and Design3
ECE 417Embedded Microprocessor System Design3
ECE 421Computer Operating Systems3
ECE 467Database Design and Management3
ECE 481Senior Project I1
ECE 482Senior Project II2
CE Core Elective3
Engineering and Technical Electives
CE Elective6
Other Courses
Math & Basic Science Credit Hours33
Biology and Chemistry Credit hours25
General Education Credit hours24
Total Credit Hours138

Suggested Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
FallCredit Hours
ECE 111 Introduction to Engineering I 3
ECE 118 Introduction to Programming 3
ENG 105 English Composition I 3
MTH 151 Calculus I for Engineers 5
PHY 205 University Physics I 3
 Credit Hours17
ECE 112 Introduction to Engineering II 2
ECE 218 Data Structures 3
ENG 107 English Composition II: Science and Technology 3
MTH 162 Calculus II 4
PHY 206 University Physics II 3
PHY 207 University Physics III 3
 Credit Hours18
Sophomore Year
ECE 211 Logic Design 3
ECE 318 Algorithms 3
PHY 208 University Physics II Lab 1
CHM 111 Principles of Chemistry I 3
CHM 113 Chemistry Laboratory I 1
BIL 150 General Biology 4
BIL 151 General Biology Laboratory 1
 Credit Hours16
ECE 212 Processors: Hardware, Software, and Interfacing 3
ECE 315 Digital Design Laboratory 1
MTH 210 Introduction to Linear Algebra 3
PHY 209 University Physics III Lab 1
CHM 112 Principles of Chemistry II 3
CHM 114 Chemistry Laboratory II 1
BIL 160 Evolution and Biodiversity 4
BIL 161 Evolution and Biodiversity Laboratory 1
 Credit Hours17
Junior Year
ECE 201 Electrical Circuit Theory 3
ECE 316 Structured Digital Design 1
ECE 322 Systems Programming 3
MTH 309 Discrete Mathematics I 3
CHM 201 Organic Chemistry I (Lecture) 3
CHM 202 Organic Chemistry II (Lecture) 3
Arts and Humanities Cognate 3
 Credit Hours19
ECE 202 Electronics I 3
ECE 203 Electrical Circuits Laboratory 1
CHM 205 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I 1
ECE 467 Database Design and Management 3
CHM 206 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II 1
CE Core Elective 2 3
People and Society Cognate 4 3
 Credit Hours15
Senior Year
ECE 414 Computer Organization and Design 3
ECE 417 Embedded Microprocessor System Design 3
ECE 481 Senior Project I 1
CE Elective 1 3
Advanced Bioscience Elective 3 3
People and Society Cognate 4 3
Arts and Humanities Cognate 4 3
 Credit Hours19
ECE 310 Introduction to Engineering Probability 3
ECE 421 Computer Operating Systems 3
ECE 482 Senior Project II 2
CE Elective 1 3
People and Society Cognate 4 3
Arts and Humanities Cognate 4 3
 Credit Hours17
 Total Credit Hours138