Audio Engineering offers students, who have a deep interest in sound and music, the opportunity to combine a rigorous electrical engineering education with additional specialized courses offered both by the UM ECE department as well as the Frost School of Music. In particular, the Audio Engineering option combines traditional electrical engineering studies with audio studies in areas such as acoustics, speech and audio signal processing, digital audio, transducers, speech and audio coding and transmission systems, post-production, noise cancellation, architectural acoustics, and recording, thereby providing a multi-disciplinary education.

Our Audio Engineering graduates are highly sought by industry and have been pursuing successful careers in music/entertainment, multimedia, telecommunications, analog and digital electronics, and in the hearing aid/medical instrumentation industries, or have chosen graduate study. Students enrolled in Audio Engineering have access to a variety of well-equipped laboratories, both in the UM ECE Department, as well as in the Frost School of Music. For example, students have access to the Gusman Concert Hall, which houses a professional recording studio with automated console and multi-track recording. There, students can record live concerts ranging from small jazz groups to a symphony orchestra. In addition, Audio Engineering students use the Weeks Center for Recording and Performance, which also features a fully professional recording studio, analog and digital signal processing equipment and audio test equipment.

Curriculum Requirements

Common Engineering Requirements
ECE 111Introduction to Engineering I3
ECE 112Introduction to Engineering II2
ECE 118Introduction to Programming3
ECE 201Electrical Circuit Theory3
ECE 202Electronics I3
ECE 203Electrical Circuits Laboratory1
ECE 206Circuits, Signals and Systems3
ECE 211Logic Design3
ECE 212Processors: Hardware, Software, And Interfacing3
ECE 218Data Structures3
ECE 302Electronics II3
ECE 303Electronics Laboratory1
ECE 315Digital Design Laboratory1
ECE 316Structured Digital Design1
ECE 336Discrete-Time Signals And Systems3
ECE 481Senior Project I1
ECE 482Senior Project II2
EE Core Electives6
ECE Design Elective3
Engineering and Technical Electives
ECE 437Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory1
ECE 502Engineering Acoustics3
ECE 540Digital Speech and Audio Processing3
Auio Engineering or Technical Elective3
Other Courses
MMI (Music Media) Credit Hours16
MTC (Music Theory) Credit Hours3
Math & Basic Science Credit Hours33
General Education Credit Hours24
Total Credit Hours134

Suggested Plan of Study 

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
FallCredit Hours
ECE 111 Introduction to Engineering I 3
ENG 105 English Composition I 3
MTH 151 Calculus I for Engineers 5
PHY 205 University Physics I 3
MTC 109 Music Theory Skills I 3
 Credit Hours17
ECE 112 Introduction to Engineering II 2
ECE 118 Introduction to Programming 3
ENG 107 English Composition II: Science and Technology 3
MTH 162 Calculus II 4
PHY 206 University Physics II 3
PHY 208 University Physics II Lab 1
 Credit Hours16
Sophomore Year
ECE 201 Electrical Circuit Theory 3
ECE 218 Data Structures 3
MTH 311 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations 3
PHY 207 University Physics III 3
PHY 209 University Physics III Lab 1
MMI 201 Introduction to Music Recording 3
 Credit Hours16
ECE 202 Electronics I 3
ECE 203 Electrical Circuits Laboratory 1
ECE 206 Circuits, Signals and Systems 3
ECE 211 Logic Design 3
CHM 151 Chemistry for Engineers 3
CHM 153 Chemistry Laboratory for Engineers 1
MTH 210 Introduction to Linear Algebra 3
 Credit Hours17
Junior Year
ECE 302 Electronics II 3
ECE 303 Electronics Laboratory 1
ECE 315 Digital Design Laboratory 1
ECE 336 Discrete-Time Signals And Systems 3
ECE 310 or IEN 310 Introduction to Engineering Probability
or Introduction to Engineering Probability
MMI 502 Audio Signal Processing I 3
HA Cognate (Humanities and Arts Elective) 1 3
 Credit Hours17
ECE 212 Processors: Hardware, Software, And Interfacing 3
ECE 316 Structured Digital Design 1
ECE 436 Digital Signal Processing 3
EE Core Elective 1 3
MMI 172 Audio Design Workshop III 1
MMI 503 Audio Signal Processing II 3
HA Cognate 2 3
 Credit Hours17
Senior Year
ECE 437 Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory 1
ECE 481 Senior Project I 1
ECE 502 Engineering Acoustics 3
ECE Design Elective 1 3
Audio Engineering or Tech. Elective 3
PS Cognate (People and Society Elective) 1 3
HA Cognate (Adv. HA Elective) 1 3
 Credit Hours17
ECE 482 Senior Project II 2
ECE 540 Digital Speech and Audio Processing 3
MMI 436 Audio Postproduction 4 3
MMI 501 Transducer Theory 3
PS Cognate (People and Society Elective) 1 3
PS Cognate (Adv. PS Elective) 1 3
 Credit Hours17
 Total Credit Hours134

See description of electives under the Electrical and Computer Engineering Section.


Recommended a cognate that includes a Musicology Elective.


Offered only in the Fall semester.


Note that MMI 504 could be substituted for MMI 436.