MSC 346Climate Science and Policy3
Select two or three of the following (List A):9
Introduction To Weather And Climate
Survey of Modern Meteorology
Climate And Global Change
Climate and Global Change
The Earth's Climate: Past and Future
Introduction To The Physics Of Climate
Polar Science and Policy
Earth's Ancient Atmospheres, Climates, And Sea Levels
Select one or two of the following (List B):3
Coastal Law
Ocean Law
Ocean Policy
Decision Making and the Environment
Climate Law
Climate and Society
Approved Statistics Course **0-3
Total Credit Hours15-18

Students with a Meteorology major should replace ATM 102/ATM 103 from List A with an additional course from list B. 


Students from a program without a statistics requirement must also take an approved course in statistics increasing this to an 18 credit hour minor. 


The minor satisfies either the STEM Area of Knowledge cognate requirement, or the People and Society Area of Knowledge cognate requirement. 


Only those courses passed with a grade of “C-” or higher may be applied to the minor. Courses used towards a minor must be above and beyond those used for the major.

Approved Statistics Courses 

MTH 224Introduction to Probability and Statistics3
MSC 204Environmental Statistics3
BIL 311Biostatistics3
ECS 204Environmental Statistics3
EPS 351Introduction to Statistics and Research Design3
GSC 204Environmental Statistics3
IEN 311Applied Probability And Statistics3
MAS 201Introduction to Business Statistics3
MAS 311Applied Probability and Statistics3
NUR 202Introductory Statistics in Health Care3
PSY 291Introduction To Biobehavioral Statistics3
PSY 292Introduction To Biobehavioral Statistics For Non-Majors3