(Audition Required)

There is no undergraduate degree for dance.

A minor in dance is intended for students interested in developing their performance and choreographic skills as well as basics for teaching K-12.  Prospective students interested in this minor are required to audition for acceptance as well as maintain a grade point average of 3.0 in dance courses. Dance courses are open to all university students with the approval of their advisor. 

DAN 130Orientation To Dance (prerequisite for all students interested in the Dance minor)2
Complete exactly 1 course from - Advanced Studio Technique:3
Modern Dance, Level Two
Modern Dance, Level Three
Modern Dance; Level Four
Complete exactly 1 course from - Dance Education: 3
Methods Of Teaching Dance (K-12)
Methods of Teaching Dance K-12 (Advanced)
Complete exactly 1 course from - Dance History:3
World History Of The Dance
History Of Modern Dance
Women In Theatrical Dance
Complete exactly 4 credit hours from - Studio Electives:4
Modern Dance, Level One
Ballet, Level One
Theatre Dance Forms
Ballet, Level Two
Cultural Dance Forms
Dance Composition Level 2
Creative Dance For Children
Teaching Dance To Children
Introduction To Dance-Movement Therapy
Dance Movement Therapy
Dance Composition Level 3
Total Credit Hours15