The College of Arts & Sciences’ Department of Political Science and Department of Sociology offer a dual Master of Public Administration (MPA)/Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice (MSCCJ) degree.  This program provides provide students with an interest in both criminal justice and public administration an opportunity to obtain two degrees in an accelerated fashion.

Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program prepares public service officials in government and nonprofit organizations, as well as develops management skills essential to public and nonprofit organizations oriented towards a diverse metropolitan environment.

The M.S. in Criminology and Criminal Justice provides training in fundamentals of the criminal justice system and criminological theory, as well as foundational training in research methods and statistics.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements include:

  • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited. institution
  • Demonstration through undergraduate academic record the academic competence to complete a rigorous graduate program
  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and/or a GPA of 3.0 in the last 60 credits of upper division undergraduate coursework and/or 3.0 in graduate coursework
  • Three letters ofrecommendation

International Students (in addition to the above requirements): A passing score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or IELTS or successful completion of the Intensive English Program offered byDCIE.

Curriculum Requirements

The dual MPA/MSCCJ program requires a total of 60 credits, comprised of MPA and MSCCJ core courses, the 3-credit MPA Internship and the 6-credit MSCCJ Completion Track (either an internship with an accompanying paper, or a comprehensive exam and preparation, or Master’s thesis).

Students may elect to combine their MPA Internship (400 hours) and MSCCJ Internship (300 hours, plus writing an internship research paper) into one year-long experience that combines elements of both programs with faculty approval.

MPA Requirements:
  • Core Courses 24 credits
  • Specialization Courses 12 credits
  • Internship 3 credits.
MSCCJ Requirements:
  • Core Courses 15 credits
  • Completion Track 6 credits

Course Requirements for the MPA/MSCCJ Dual Degree:

MPA Core Courses
POL 601Budget and Financial Management and Administration3
POL 606Organizational Dynamics and Management3
POL 610Statistics for Politics and Public Administration3
POL 622Introduction to Graduate Public Administration3
POL 646Public Policy Process and Implementation3
POL 647Human Resource Management in Public Service3
POL 651Productivity in the Public and Non-Profit Sectors3
POL 671Government and Business3
MPA Specialization Courses12
Students select an additional four courses from those listed below, with at least one course from each of the subfields:
Organizational Management and Leadership
Introduction to Game Theory for Political Science
Non-Profit Organizations: Law, Policy, and Management
Comparative Legal Systems
Politics and Ethics
Special Topics in Public Administration, Policy, and Law
Organizational Security Management
Illicit Trade in the Global Economy
Equity, Ethics, and Legal Issues in Public Administration
Administrative Law
Ethical and Managerial Issues in Government, Business, and Non-Profit Organizations
Special Topics in Public Administration, Policy, and Law
Equity and Diversity in Public Administration
Issues in Judicial Politics
Issues in Public Policy and Administration
Comparative Public Policy and Administration
Applied Policy Analysis
From Electronic Government to Digital Governance
Special Topics in Public Administration, Policy, and Law
Bureaucratic Politics
Money, Power, and Politics in American Cities
MPA Internship
POL 656Public Service Internship3
MSCCJ Core Courses
SOC 670Theories in Criminology and Criminal Justice3
SOC 673The Criminal Justice System3
SOC 677Criminology and Public Policy3
SOC 609Social Statistics3
SOC 610Advanced Research Methods3
MSCCJ Completion Track: Non-Thesis or Thesis Option6
Graduate Internship and Paper (Comprehensive exam and preparation OR MS Thesis)
Master's Thesis
Total Credit Hours60

Sample Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
FallCredit Hours
POL 601 Budget and Financial Management and Administration 3
POL 622 Introduction to Graduate Public Administration 3
SOC 609 Social Statistics 3
SOC 673 The Criminal Justice System 3
 Credit Hours12
POL 610 Statistics for Politics and Public Administration 3
POL 646 Public Policy Process and Implementation 3
SOC 670 Theories in Criminology and Criminal Justice 3
SOC 610 Advanced Research Methods 3
 Credit Hours12
POL 651 Productivity in the Public and Non-Profit Sectors 3
POL Specialization Course 3
POL Specialization Course 3
 Credit Hours9
Year Two
POL 647 Human Resource Management in Public Service 3
POL 671 Government and Business 3
SOC 791 or 810 Graduate Internship and Paper
or Master's Thesis
 Credit Hours12
POL 606 Organizational Dynamics and Management 3
POL 656 Public Service Internship 3
SOC 677 Criminology and Public Policy 3
 Credit Hours9
POL Specialization Course 3
POL Specialization Course 3
 Credit Hours6
 Total Credit Hours60