The dual Master in International Business and Accelerated MBA degree program allows students to earn both a specialized master's degree and an MBA. Students complete the two degrees in sequence--first, the M.S. program and then the Accelerated M.B.A. program for a total of 61-64 credits. This program is designed for students with an interest in broadening their business education beyond the specialized scope of their first master's degree program. This dual degree program will provide a robust framework for acquiring both depth and breadth in business education.

Master in International Business

The Master in International Business (MIB) program seeks to develop global leaders. To this end, it offers to a select group of globally-minded students from throughout the world with rich experiential learning opportunities in Miami and other locations worldwide. The program incorporates a rigorous academic curriculum focusing on best practices by both global startups and leading multinationals in addressing their emerging opportunities and challenges. Students are exposed to South Florida’s rich multicultural business community and the hundreds of international conferences that it hosts every year.  Students may focus their professional development efforts on developing both regional competencies and functional expertise of their choice.  MIB program activities in and out of classrooms are designed to help its students bond, as well as expand their professional network with participants of other graduate business programs.

Accelerated MBA Program

The Accelerated MBA program at the University of Miami Herbert Business School allows students to fast-track their career through hands-on opportunities in the city that is shaping the future of business. The Accelerated MBA gives eligible students the unique opportunity to earn an MBA in less than a year.  Candidates with an undergraduate degree in business or a graduate degree in business or related discipline are encouraged to apply. The program begins in May and runs through December, for a duration of 7 months.

To obtain detailed program admission information, please reference the program brochure which can be requested by contacting the Office of Recruiting and Admissions at 305-284-2510 or visit our website.

Admission Requirements

Dual Degree Application Process

Students can apply for the dual degree program upon initializing their application. Students may also consider applying for the Accelerated MBA while they are enrolled in the Master of International Business.

 Curriculum Requirements

Required Courses
Intensive English Program - Mandatory for non-native English speakers in need of enhancing English language skills
BSL 692Legal Implications of International Business Transactions2
ECO 695Global Economics2
BUS 622Global Applied Career Experience Projects3-4
or MGT 625/MKT 641 Entrepreneurship: Creating New Ventures
FIN 660International Finance2
MAS 631Statistics for Managerial Decision Making 12
MGT 617Leading Across Cultures2
MGT 620Managing Through People2
MGT 643Principles of Operations Management2
MGT 645Principles of Supply Chain Management2
MGT 691International Management2
MKT 640Foundations of Marketing Management2
Additional Required Courses
Students must participate in one of the following short-immersion trips:
BUS 624Asian/Pacific Business Environment- International Trip2
or BUS 625 Latin America Business Environment - International Trip
or BUS 636 United States Business Environment - Domestic Trip
BSL 690Responsible Business2
BTE 610Digital Transformation2
BUS 628Applied Career Experience Projects3
FIN 642The Financial Environment2
MAS 632Management Science Models for Decision Making2
MGT 622High Performance Teams2
MGT 623Human Resource Systems2
MKT 650Strategic Marketing2
ACC 670 Financial Reporting and Analysis2
BUS 610 Communicating for Career Success2
FIN 641 Valuation and Financial Decision Making2
MGT 677 Corporate Strategy and Organization2
Total Credit Hours62-64

MAS 631 is mandatory for all students unless waived by the MIB faculty director.


These courses can be waived if participating in BUS 622. BUS 622 is optional. Students must apply.


A minimum of 60 credit hours is required for this dual degree even with course waivers.

Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
FallCredit Hours
Term One
ACC 670 Financial Reporting and Analysis 2
ECO 695 Global Economics 2
MAS 631 Statistics for Managerial Decision Making 1 2
MGT 620 Managing Through People 2
MKT 640 Foundations of Marketing Management 2
Term Two
BUS 610 or 600 Communicating for Career Success
or Critical Thinking and Persuasion for Business/Non-native English Speakers
FIN 641 Valuation and Financial Decision Making 2
MGT 643 Principles of Operations Management 2
MGT 691 International Management 2
 Credit Hours18
Term One
BSL 692 Legal Implications of International Business Transactions 2
BUS 622, MGT 625,
Global Applied Career Experience Projects 2
or Entrepreneurship: Creating New Ventures
or Marketing Research and Decision Making
FIN 660 International Finance 2
MGT 645 Principles of Supply Chain Management 2
Marketing Research and Decision Making 2
BUS 624, 625,
Asian/Pacific Business Environment- International Trip
or Latin America Business Environment - International Trip
or United States Business Environment - Domestic Trip
Term Two
MGT 617 Leading Across Cultures 2
Entrepreneurship: Creating New Ventures 2
MGT 677 Corporate Strategy and Organization 2
 Credit Hours15
BSL 690 Responsible Business 2
BTE 610 Digital Transformation 2
FIN 642 The Financial Environment 2
MGT 622 High Performance Teams 2
MGT 623 Human Resource Systems 2
 Credit Hours10
Year Two
Term One
BUS 628 Applied Career Experience Projects 3
MAS 632 Management Science Models for Decision Making 2
MKT 650 Strategic Marketing 2
Electives 4
Term Two
Electives 10
 Credit Hours21
 Total Credit Hours64

MAS 631 is mandatory for all students unless waived by the MIB faculty director.


These courses can be waived if participating in BUS 622. BUS 622 is optional. Students must apply.