This accelerated degree program is designed for individuals who hold a prior music degree (not in music education) and provides them with a plan of study so they can subsequently pursue Florida K-12 music teaching certification.  In the program, students complete all course content as required to pursue music teaching certification in the state of Florida.  Following graduation, alumni then secure a teaching position in a Florida School through the State of Florida Professional Development Certification Program.  After completing one year of supervised teaching, individuals complete certification examinations and apply to the Florida Department of Education for certification.

Admission Requirements

Students applying for the MAT program must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in music which includes at least 14 credit hours of music performance, 12 credit hours of music theory, 3 credit hours of conducting, 6 credit hours of music history, and credit hours in performance ensembles, similar to the entrance requirements for the MM with Certification Degree program. Applicants must submit their application, 3 letters of recommendation, transcripts, a resume, and video that demonstrates musicianship in their primary music performance area.

Curriculum Requirements

MED Required Courses
MED 648Music for Special Learners3
Choose 3 credits from the following:3
Woodwind Techniques
Brass Techniques
Percussion Techniques
String Techniques
Vocal Techniques
Folk and Modern Instrumental Techniques
MED 762Music Learning and Curriculum3
MED 764Music Assessment3
Choose 9 credits from the following: *9
Elementary Teaching Methods
Teaching General Music
Teaching Instrumental Music
Secondary Teaching Methods
Teaching Instrumental Music
Teaching Modern Music
Teaching Vocal Music
TAL Required Courses
TAL 606Issues and Strategies for ESOL3
TAL 610Literacy and Learning Strategies in the Content Area3
TAL 612Building Positive Relationships with Diverse Learners3
Teaching Portfolio
Total Credit Hours30

* One Elementary and one Secondary Methods course required.

Suggested Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
FallCredit Hours
MED 642 Teaching General Music 3
MED 649 Teaching Vocal Music 3
Choose 3 credits from: 3
Woodwind Techniques  
Brass Techniques  
Percussion Techniques  
String Techniques  
Vocal Techniques  
Folk and Modern Instrumental Techniques  
TAL 606 Issues and Strategies for ESOL 3
TAL 612 Building Positive Relationships with Diverse Learners 3
 Credit Hours15
MED 643 Teaching Instrumental Music 3
MED 644 Teaching Modern Music 3
MED 648 Music for Special Learners 3
TAL 610 Literacy and Learning Strategies in the Content Area 3
MED 762 or 764 Music Learning and Curriculum
or Music Assessment
Teaching Portfolio  
 Credit Hours15
 Total Credit Hours30

* This is a suggested Plan of Study.  Your actual course sequence may vary depending on your previous academic experience as well as current course offerings.  Students should meet with their academic advisor each semester to determine the appropriate course selection.

* Students select 3 courses from MED 642/643/644/649 (3 credits each)

** Students select 3 courses MED 740/41/42/43/44/45 (1 credit each)


The mission of the Frost music education program (part of the department of music education and music therapy) is to provide for the education of future music teachers, including music teachers in K-12 settings, as well as advanced studies in music learning, music pedagogy, and music therapy.  The music education program offers an undergraduate Bachelor of Music with music teaching certification, A Master of Music in Music Education (for experienced/certified teachers), a Master of Music in Music Education with Certification (2-year degree), and a Ph.D. in Music Education with emphases in Music Education and Music Therapy. 

The MAT in Music Teaching is a 1-year alternative to the Master of Music with Music Teaching Certification 2-year program, designed for professional musicians with a music degree outside of music education.  This program provides required coursework in order to prepare students to pursue Florida K-12 music teaching certification. After graduation, completing of Florida State Teacher Certification Examinations, and teaching in a Florida School under the supervision of a school administrator for one year, graduates of the program would be able to obtain a Florida Music Teaching Certificate.  

Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome #1: Students will apply knowledge of music learning theoretical content by completing a Theoretical Applications Paper in well-conceived position paper.

Outcome #2: Students in the MAT Program will demonstrate competence in assessing music learning.

Outcome #3: Students in the MAT Program will demonstrate a competence in curriculum development and implementation.