As one of the nation's most active research universities, the University of Miami specializes in innovative thinking and great teaching – a combination that is showcased in the Summer Scholars Program. Students learn from distinguished UM faculty and study in classes that connect classroom ideas and hands-on learning in our exciting precollege programs. 

The Summer Scholars Program is designed to expose high school students to university academics and campus life before commencing undergraduate studies. Students can attend the Summer Scholars Three-Week Credit Program to earn college credit or the UM Academies Two-Week Non-Credit Program for an immersive academic experience. Residential, commuter and remote options are available.

Interested high school students should seek further information and application requirements.

Summer Scholars Three-Week Credit Program

The Summer Scholars Three-Week, Credit Program is open to rising high school juniors and seniors. Courses are taught by UM faculty. Each academic specialty consists of two courses (3 credits each) for a total of 6 credit hours. 

Curriculum Requirements

Select one (1) area of specialization: 16
Each specialization area has a subset of required courses
Explorations in Architecture
Introduction to Architecture
Visual Studies
Business, Ethics, and Leadership
Fundamentals of Ethics and Leadership
Fundamentals of Business
The Business of Real Estate
Investing in Real Estate
Fundamentals of Business
Cyber Security and Business Technology with Programming in Python
Cybersecurity: An Introduction to Security in Cyberspace
Introduction to Business Technology and Programming
Digital Media Production and Electronic Media for the Future
Understanding Media and Content in the Digital Age
Special Topics in Journalism and Media Management I
Engineering: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Introduction to Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
Introduction to Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Engineering: Biomedical Engineering with Electrical Engineering
Introduction to Biomedical Engineering for Summer Scholars
Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering
Engineering: Application Development with Electrical and Computer Engineering
Introduction to Mobile Computing
Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering
Exploring Sports Communication, Culture and the Fundamentals of Business
Exploring Human Communication
Fundamentals of Business (Exploring Sports, Communication and Culture and the Fundamentals of Business)
Filmmaking and Storytelling
Survey of Motion Pictures
Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
Forensic Investigation, Crime Scene and Intelligence Analysis
Introduction to Forensic Investigation (EXP)
Introduction to Forensic Anthropology (EXP)
Global Business and International Relations
Global Business
Introduction to International Relations
Health and Medicine: Infectious Diseases
Basic Concepts Public Health
Microbiology as it Relates to Humans (EXP)
Health and Medicine: Music Therapy and the Brain
Introduction to Music Therapy
NEU 100
Health and Medicine: Neuroscience
NEU 100
Health and Medicine: Oncology and Healthcare
Process of Health Promotion
Introduction to Cancer Biology
Law - Litigation and the Legal Profession
Courtroom 101: Litigation Basics
Introduction to Legal Profession: Law, Ethics, and Society
Marine Mammal Biology, Evolution, and Conservation
Marine Mammal Biology and Conservation
Evolution of the Biosphere
Money and Marketing - Succeeding In Business
Marketing in the 21st Century
Music Industry
Music Industry and Society
Fundamentals of Business
Shark Research - Emerging Technologies and Field Studies
Shark Behavioral Ecology & Conservation Semester
Sport Administration - The Business of Sport
Leadership, Management, and Ethics in Sports
Survey of Sports Administration
Sports Medicine - Athletic Performance and Injury Management
Introduction to Athletic Training and Sports Medicine
Translational Health in Nutrition and Kinesiology
Tropical Marine Biology
Tropical Marine Biology
Life in the Sea
Total Credit Hours6

UM Academies Two-Week Non-Credit Program

The UM Academies Two-Week Non-Credit Program is open to rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. Courses are taught by UM faculty in an engaging academic setting that allows students to get hands-on with their academic passions and explore college life. Students enroll in one course (non-credit). 

Curriculum Requirements

Business Academy: An Entrepreneurship Crash Course - SSA 103
Health Care Academy - SSA 104
Shark Research Academy - SSA 105
Hurricane Academy: An Introduction to Atmospheric Science and Research - SSA 106