The Admission Committee reviews applications and bases admission decisions on the following factors:

  • The Secondary School Record. The applicant must be in the process of completing graduation requirements at a regionally accredited secondary school or must be a graduate of an accredited secondary school. The applicant must have successfully completed a solid college preparatory program including English, Mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences and foreign language.
  • Standardized Tests. Applicants attending schools in the United States must submit official SAT or ACT results. The results of these tests, together with the secondary school record, provide a better measure of the ability of a candidate to perform college level work successfully than can be obtained by either measure alone. Applicants graduating from a secondary school outside of the United States should not submit SAT or ACT results.
  • The Counselor's Evaluation Form. This form is to be completed by the applicant’s secondary school counselor and includes rank in class, test score information, and an evaluation of potential for academic success in the student’s area of interest.
  • The Essay. Since each applicant is considered individually, the Essay provides the opportunity to present information that may assist the Admission Committee as it evaluates the application for admission.

See admission procedures for freshmen.