The Student-Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act requires institutions to disclose information about graduation rates and crime statistics to current and prospective students. Students interested in obtaining this type of information should contact the Office of Admission, 305-284-4323 or go to this website

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Buckley Amendment

The purpose of this policy is to assure that students have access to their educational records and to assure the privacy of students by restricting the disclosure of information from education records to those persons authorized under the Act.

The policy is provided to all students in the Student Life Handbook. Copies can also be printed from the website.

Security of Student Records

The Office of the University Registrar is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the security and integrity of student records. Student records created before 1985 have been electronically scanned. Student records created after 1985 are housed on an electronic database. 

In order to maintain confidentially, access to the student record system is limited to university personnel who have a legitimate need for this information. Each user is required to fill out an access form. A user name is created, and each user must also create a password that must be changed every 180 days. Periodic audits of records as well as reviews of who has access to the system are regularly scheduled to ensure a secure environment.

Students are assigned a UM ID number that is unique to them and they are encouraged to use it instead of their social security number. Students are required to provide their student ID or a photo ID when requesting academic record information from this office.

FERPA Training

FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act,  provides established guidelines for universities to ensure that students have access to their educational records as well as to ensure the privacy of said records by restricting the disclosure of information from educational records to those persons authorized under the Act. FERPA guidelines must be followed when dealing with the disclosure of student information.

All staff who use the student records system are required to complete a FERPA tutorial. Periodic reviews are required.

Service Indicator (Hold) on Student Records

Schools and colleges, university administrative departments and other student related offices have the ability to put service indicators, also known as holds, on student records. These holds can be financial, academic or disciplinary in nature and may delay a student’s ability to register, to receive an official transcript or to receive a diploma.  Holds on a student’s record normally require action on the part of the student, i.e., a payment, completion of paperwork, etc.  Specific information on a hold and what is required to remove it can be found in the Student Services Center in CaneLink or can be obtained from the office/department that initiated the hold.