Special Opportunity for UM Graduates

UM graduates may take undergraduate credit courses within the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Communication and the School of Education and Human Development on a space available basis, at a special alumni rate. All University of Miami graduates are eligible for this special program. Participants may choose a course or collection of courses (limit rules apply) to meet professional or personal goals.

Interested students may call the Division of Continuing and International Education at 305-284-4000 to inquire about the benefit and/or the current tuition rate, request an application, or enroll in the courses. They will submit a simple, no-fee, one-page application, simply select an undergraduate course (open on a space available basis) and be on their way to continued learning at UM.

Policies Governing Enrollment in University of Miami Alumni Status

The University of Miami Alumni Status includes students who are not seeking a degree and meet the following requirements. Enrollment in a non-degree program and/or satisfactory completion of courses does not imply admission to a degree program.

  1. University of Miami graduates (completed degree);
  2. U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. residents.

Conditions applying to University of Miami Alumni enrollment

  1. Students may enroll in a maximum of 12 undergraduate credit hours per semester.
  2. Students are limited to two courses per academic department.1
  3. International students will not be issued I-20 forms.
  4. International students in B-1 (business) or B-2 (pleasure) visa status may engage in study as long as the educational activity is secondary to the principal activity for which the visa was sought.
  5. Enrollment may be completed on a space-available basis only. (Course availability determined two days prior to semester start.)
  6. Courses taken for undergraduate credit hours (including 500 level courses) will not be considered for graduate credit hours at a later date.

Note: Not all courses and/or departments may be available.