Students seeking the M.M. in Musicology at the Frost School of Music enjoy a balanced curriculum of study in music literature and analysis, critical theory, and research methods, along with opportunities to develop skills in music performance, composition, and pedagogy.   

Admission Requirements

All applicants to the Frost School must submit the following items:

·       An online application

·       Application fee

·       Resume

·       Three letters of recommendation

·       Official transcripts from every post-secondary school attended

This graduate degree program also requires submission of certain supplemental materials, including:

·       Campus interview

·       Writing sample

·       TOEFL/IELTS score, as applicable

For more detailed information, please visit our Graduate Admission website.

Curriculum Requirements

Major Area
MCY 728Music Bibliography3
MCY 702Interpreting Music History and Culture: An Introduction to Musicology3
MCY XXXMusicology Courses9
MCY 810Master's Thesis6
Other Studies in Music (Complete both options below)6
Non-MCY Music Elective
MTC Elective
Non-MCY Elective, In or Beyond Music
Language Proficiency 1
Total Credit Hours30
Plan of Study Grid
Year One
FallCredit Hours
MCY 728 Music Bibliography 3
MCY 702 Interpreting Music History and Culture: An Introduction to Musicology (Interpreting Music History and Culture) 3
MTC 6XX/7XX Music Theory Elective 3
 Credit Hours9
MCY 6XX/7XX Musicology Elective 3
MCY 6XX/7XX Musicology Elective 3
Non MCY Music Elective 3
Language Proficiency* *  
 Credit Hours9
Year Two
MCY 6XX/7XX Musicology Elective 3
Non MCY Elective, In or Beyond Music 3
MCY 810 Master's Thesis 3
 Credit Hours9
MCY 810 Master's Thesis 3
 Credit Hours3
 Total Credit Hours30

Musicology students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English, normally German, French, or Spanish. Proficiency examinations will be administered by the Department of Modern Languages and will consist of 1-2 passages from representative scholarly readings. Alternatively, enrolling in ITA 625, FRE 625, or an equivalent course at the graduate level may fulfill the requirement. This requirement should be completed by the beginning of the second year to facilitate research on the master’s thesis.

This is a suggested Plan of Study.  Your actual course sequence may vary depending on your previous academic experience as well as current course offerings.  Students should meet with their academic advisor each semester to determine the appropriate course selection.


Faculty and students of the Department of Musicology (MCY) in the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami advance the interdisciplinary study of music by examining how, when, where, and why people create, experience, and understand music. Coursework in the program is designed to enable students to acquire in-depth knowledge of musicology and to develop students' abilities to write and talk effectively about relevant issues within musicology and related disciplines.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will acquire, demonstrate, and apply in-depth knowledge of musicology and related fields.
  • Students will demonstrate discipline-specific writing skills commensurate with professional norms.
  • Students will demonstrate discipline-specific oral-communication skills commensurate with professional norms.