Graduate students seeking a degree in the department of Vocal Performance have already proven themselves to be highly accomplished artists.  They come to the Frost School of Music to further hone their skills, to discover new perspectives, and to gain a competitive edge for the next step in their professional careers.  Candidates for our advanced degrees in performance, conducting, and pedagogy are leaders in the various programs of the Department of Vocal Performance, and they, in turn, go on to become leaders in their respective areas of specialty. For more information please visit the website for the department of Vocal Performance.

Students in the Master of Music in Vocal Performance degree program are serious musicians, and they come to the Frost School of Music to take an important step toward attaining their goals as a vocalist, whether to perform in concert halls or opera houses, or to work as a voice teacher.  Vocal performance students at all levels work tirelessly to develop and maintain an efficient vocal technique and compelling artistry through study with a voice faculty whose members are established master teachers and performers. Private voice lessons, vocal coaching, lyric diction, and language study are vital components of the degree programs, as are music theory, music history and literature, opera literature, art song repertoire, and vocal pedagogy. Students gain essential stage skills and experience through participation in Frost Opera Theater, which compliments and builds on their work in the voice studio.  While in Miami, many Frost voice students work professionally as members of Seraphic Fire, Florida Grand Opera chorus, and as singers with various performing organizations throughout South Florida.  Master classes with some of the world's foremost artists are regularly scheduled.  Renee Fleming, Helen Donath, Marilyn Horne, Florence Quivar, and Measha Brueggergosman are among the artists who have recently shared their insights and experiences with our students.  Our goal is to prepare you for the next step in your career as a professional singer and/or teacher.  Our graduates are singing all over the world--in opera, oratorio, professional choral organizations, musical theater and recital stages--and they teaching in colleges and universities across the country.  We look forward to welcoming you as a student to the Department of Vocal Performance at the University of Miami Frost School of Music!

Admission Requirements

All applicants to the Frost School must submit the following items:

·       An online application

·       Application fee

·       Resume

·       Three letters of recommendation

·       Official transcripts from every post-secondary school attended

This graduate degree program also requires submission of certain supplemental materials, including:

·       Prescreen/Performance

·       Live audition (preferred)

·       Writing sample

·       TOEFL/IELTS score, as applicable

For more detailed information, please visit our Graduate Admission website.

Curriculum Requirements

Major Area
Applied Lessons8
Performance Ensembles 14
MVP 652 24
Vocal Prfrm Prep
MVP 738Advanced Vocal Pedagogy3
or MVP 736 Voice Disorders
MVP 812Master's Recital1
MVP 805Masters Project1
Artist Development Courses3
The Teaching Artist
Arts Leadership
World of the Working Musician
Media Creation
Peak Performance Strategies for Musicians
Communication, Marketing, and Publicity for the Musical Artist
Approved Electives6
MCY 600 or higher elective
MTC 600 or higher elective
Other Music Electives
Artist Development Courses
MVP 788 Opera Theatre
MVP 710 - 714 Vocal Literature for Teaching
MVP 813 Masters Second Recital 3
Total Credit Hours30

Students are required to participate in MVP 680 Opera Production or MVP 788 Opera Theater for every semester of study


Students in this degree program take MVP 652 four times, at 1 credit each for a total of 4 credits.


Student must have approval of the studio voice teacher

Plan of Study 

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
FallCredit Hours
MVP VO6 Voice 2
MVP 652 Vocal Prfrm Prep 1
Artist Development Elective 3
Performance Ensemble as Assigned 1
Approved Elective(s) 2
 Credit Hours9
MVP VO6 Voice 2
MVP 652 Vocal Prfrm Prep 1
MVP 736 or 738 Voice Disorders
or Advanced Vocal Pedagogy
Performance Ensemble as Assigned 1
Approved Elective(s) 3
 Credit Hours10
Year Two
MVP VO6 Voice 2
MVP 652 Vocal Prfrm Prep 1
MVP 805 Masters Project 1
Performance Ensemble as Assigned 1
Approved Elective 1
 Credit Hours6
MVP VO6 Voice 2
MVP 652 Vocal Prfrm Prep 1
MVP 812 Master's Recital 1
Performance Ensemble as Assigned 1
 Credit Hours5
 Total Credit Hours30

* This is a suggested Plan of Study.  Your actual course sequence may vary depending on your previous academic experience as well as current course offerings.  Students should meet with their academic advisor each semester to determine the appropriate course selection.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Music Degree in Vocal Performance is to:

  • Provide students the highest quality of education available in the areas of vocal performance and musicianship that will provide them the skills required to lead to professional performance careers as classical singers;
  • Stimulate the student's awareness and artistic creativity in the filed of vocal performance;
  • Provide students public performance opportunities in a supportive and encouraging environment;
  • Provide students the writing and research skills needed in order to adequately prepare them for study at the doctoral level;
  • Provide career development opportunities through direct connections with professionals in the field, including directors, conductors, coaches, and other relevant individuals as chosen by the voice faculty.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate their vocal skills in their singing to a professional level.
  • Students will demonstrate the necessary writing skills to adequately prepare them for study at the doctoral level.
  • Students will demonstrate advanced recital stage skills.