Curriculum Requirements

Core Graduate Seminars
ART 604Seminar in Studio Art3
ART 699Exhibition Preparation3
ARH 698Seminar in Contemporary Art3
Additional Requirements
Choose 3 from the following:9
Problems in Art History
Problems in Art History
Museum Studies Seminar
Arts Administration Internship
Seminar in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Art
Studio Concentration Courses24
Studio/Other Electives12
ART 810Master's Thesis6
Total Credit Hours60

Studio Concentration Options


ART 602Advanced Painting ix1-6
ART 641Graduate Painting I1-6
ART 642Graduate Painting II1-6
ART 643Graduate Painting III1-6
ART 644Graduate Painting IV1-6
ART 645Graduate Painting V1-6
ART 646Advanced Painting VIII1-6


ART 651Intaglio/Relief1-6
ART 652Lithography1-6
ART 653Silkscreen1-6
ART 655Topics in Printmaking1-6


ART 671Graduate Sculpture I1-6
ART 672Graduate Sculpture II1-6
ART 673Graduate Sculpture III1-6
ART 674Graduate Sculpture IV1-6
ART 675Graduate Sculpture V1-6
ART 676Graduate Sculpture VI1-6


ART 682Contemporary Ceramic Art I1-6
ART 683Contemporary Ceramic Art II1-6
ART 684Contemporary Ceramics Art III1-6
ART 685Contemporary Ceramics Art IV1-6
ART 686Contemporary Ceramic Art V1-6
ART 687Contemporary Ceramic Art VI1-6
ART 688Independent Study in Ceramics/Glass1-6
ART 689Directed Research and Projects in Ceramics/Glass3

Digital Imaging/Photography

ART 630Graduate Digital Photography I1-6
ART 631Graduate Digital Photography II1-6
ART 632Graduate Independent Study in Photography1-6
ART 633Graduate Digital Photography III1-6