The Department’s MA program prepares students for careers in international diplomacy, business, trade and finance, for service in government and non-governmental organizations and international institutions, and with the necessary degree and academic training to enter a doctoral program. The requirements include:

  • Complete ten semester courses (30 credit hours).
  • Complete two graduate courses on social science methodology.
  • Complete one core seminar in one of the Program’s fields of study, including:
    • International Relations;
    • Comparative Politics;
    • International and Comparative Political Economy.
  • Pass a foreign language examination.
  • Thesis and Non-thesis options: MA candidates with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 may opt to write a thesis; all students have the option of completing the degree by writing two research papers in lieu of the thesis.

See the INS Graduate Student Handbook for a complete description of the requirements for the MA degree.