Curriculum Requirements - Public Administration 

The MPA Requirements for the MPA/MAIA Dual Degree: 

MPA CORE COURSES (24 credits) 

POL 601Budget and Financial Management and Administration ( )3
POL 606Organizational Dynamics and Management3
POL 610Statistics for Politics and Public Administration3
POL 622Introduction to Graduate Public Administration3
POL 646Public Policy Process and Implementation3
POL 647Human Resource Management in Public Service3
POL 651Productivity in the Public and Non-Profit Sectors3
POL 671Government and Business3


Students select an additional four courses from those listed below, with at least one course from each of the subfields:  

Organizational Management and Leadership:
POL 619Introduction to Game Theory for Political Science3
POL 624Non-Profit Organizations: Law, Policy, and Management3
POL 652Total Quality Public Service Management: Achieving High Performance Government3
POL 654Politics and Ethics3
POL 696Special Topics in Public Administration, Policy, and Law1-3
Topic: Organizational Security Management
POL 697Special Topics in International Relations3
Topic: Ending War and Building Peace
Equity, Ethics, and Legal Issues in Public Administration
POL 626Administrative Law3
POL 657Ethical and Manangerial Issues in Government, Business and Non-Profit Organization.3
POL 696Special Topics in Public Administration, Policy, and Law1-3
Topic: Equity and Diversity in Public Administration
Topic: Issues in Judicial Politics
Issues in Public Policy and Administration
POL 625Comparative Public Policy and Administration3
POL 634Applied Policy Analysis3
POL 658From Electronic Government to Digital Governance3
POL 696Special Topics in Public Administration, Policy, and Law1-3
Topic: Bureaucratic Politics
Topic: Money, Power, and Politics in American Cities

INTERNSHIP (3 credits) 

POL 656Public Service Internship3-6
Total MPA Credits 39

Curriculum Requirements - International Administration

MAIA Core Courses 1
IGS 611International Organizations3
IGS 612International Administration3
or IGS 616 Administration of Organizations
IGS 613Global Cultures: Religion, Communication, and Security3
IGS 614World Affairs3
IGS 615International Economics for MAIA3
MAIA Elective 23
MAIA Capstone
IGS 617Practicum in International Administration3
or IGS 820 Research Residence
Total MAIA Credits21