Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Music Degree in Jazz Performance is to prepare jazz musicians to enter the music profession and/or pursue doctoral studies. The Master of Music Program in Jazz Performance provides students with opportunities for advanced vocal study, jazz improvisation and interaction development, and both small and large group ensemble experience. Our principle focus is on the development of high-level performance skills that will enable a student to pursue a career as a professional studio/jazz musician. 

The specific objectives are:

  • Provide students with advanced jazz performance expertise beyond that developed in the bachelor's degree;
  • To prepare students to meet the challenges facing professional musicians today;
  • Provide students with an understanding of jazz tradition, current professional trends and an ability to innovate.

This program strives to identify, recruit, and retain high quality students who are seeking to develop jazz performance expertise beyond that developed in the bachelor's degree. We maintain, present, and develop performance and outreach programs that enable the jazz department to serve as a cultural resource in South Florida. We strive to provide a creative, challenging, and nurturing environment that respects tradition, reflects current professional trends, fosters innovation, and stimulates growth among students and faculty alike.

Curriculum Requirements

Major Area
Applied Lessons8
Jazz Ensembles 14
Jazz Improvisation (Choose from)6
Advanced Improvisation I
Advanced Improvisation II
Advanced Jazz Improvisation Theory
Jazz Composition/Arranging (Choose from)3
Jazz Composition Seminar I
Jazz Composition Seminar II
Advanced Modern Arranging I
Advanced Modern Arranging II
MSJ 812Master's Recital1
Other Studies in Music (Choose from)3
Jazz Pedagogy and Administration
Analysis of Jazz Styles
Artist Development Courses3
The Teaching Artist
Arts Leadership
World of the Working Musician
Media Creation
Peak Performance Strategies for Musicians
Communication, Marketing, and Publicity for the Musical Artist
Approved Electives (Choose from)8
Large Jazz Ensemble Conducting and Repertoire
Preliminary Masters Recital
Jazz Piano Class I
Jazz Piano Class II
Jazz Percussion Techniques
Jazz Ensemble
Applied Jazz Instruction Jazz I
Applied Jazz Instruction II
Additional course(s) in MSJ, MCY, MIP, MED, MMI, MTC, MUS
Comprehensive Masters Jury
Total Credit Hours36