The Dean of Students Office fosters student development and holistic growth through services, programs, and partnerships that cultivate responsible decision-making, personal accountability, and community engagement. The staff works directly with academic, athletic, student affairs, and other administrators in the coordination of institutional efforts to address specific concerns and enhance the overall quality of the student experience. 

Each area within the Dean of Students Office provides students with opportunities for support, involvement, and leadership. For more information about each of these areas, click the links below. 

The Dean of Students Office coordinates efforts in response to various student crises and employs an Associate Dean and Case Manager who are both licensed mental health professionals. The staff is knowledgeable and prepared to assist all students in their adjustments to campus life. The administration and record keeping of all undergraduate student disciplinary infractions are also the responsibility of the Dean of Students Office. Students who are expelled or suspended will have a conduct notation made on their official and unofficial academic transcripts.  If the suspension or expulsion is the result of sexual misconduct or physical violence that detail will also be noted.

To contact the Dean of Students Office call 305-284-5353 or visit the University Center, Suite 2250.

The Honor Council - Undergraduate

The University of Miami community recognizes integrity as a core institutional value. The Undergraduate Honor Code is based upon the Academic Integrity Policy which was approved by the Faculty Senate, the President of the University, and the Board of Trustees in 2019. The Honor Code is designed to ensure the academic integrity of the University of Miami, encourage consistent ethical behavior among undergraduate students, and to foster a climate of fair competition. While a student's commitment to honesty and personal integrity is assumed and expected, this Code is intended to provide an added measure of assurance that, in fulfilling the University's requirements, a student's work will never involve falsification, plagiarism, or other deception regarding the true nature of the materials presented. Each student is responsible for completing the academic requirements of each course in the manner indicated by the faculty.

Graduate students are similarly held to the University’s Honor Code. The Graduate Honor Council is overseen by the Dean of Students Office in consultation with the Graduate School. For information on proceedings for academic integrity for graduate students, please refer to the Academic Integrity resource page

Members of the University community who would like to request Honor Council programming or an investigation of alleged academic dishonesty are encouraged to call the Honor Council at 305-284-5354.